Looking for Software Developer / Web Developer

Dear Developer,

como você está? we are looking for you! We need new power for our rockets in the digital galactical space. We are a grown German startup which is expanding to Portugal. Our name is bytabo, we were established in 2015, have 20 employees in our headquarter Bamberg (and starting also in Munich). We are helping a lot of big and mid-sized German companies with digital transformation, optimizing processes with development and data science. We are also founding new startups together with these companies, like a company builder.
Our culture is very open, new work is not just a buzzword, it’s our lifestyle. We live empowerment, self-organization and the startup-culture stuff. Our team is powerful, lovely and talented. We love to do great things.
So Lisbon is our next step to extend our tech-team, we have the vision of a German-Portuguese crew. Everybody can work in Lisbon or Bamberg/Munich (Germany). That would be a great opportunity for you and also for us. BTW we love win-win situations.
Well, we want to start to build a Lisbon-Team with a handful of developers, but we need to start with a first remote-developer. So you could be the first one! Next year (after the covid-19-stuff) we would extend this team. So let’s start this adventure.

What do we need in general?

  • you are highly motivated, reliable and energetic
  • you want to have a purpose at work
  •   you want to have 20 German colleagues 😀
  •   you want to know German culture
  •   you are able to speak English fluently
  •  you want to form the bytabo-environment in Lisbon
  •  you are meaning it seriously and are planning to stay long-term
  •   you like critical thinking, feedback and real talk

What do we need on the technical side?

  • you like to work agile (e.g. scrum)
  • you are fascinated with computer science
  • you have a senior-development skill in a programming language
  • you are able or ready to develop in JavaScript/TypeScript with React, Angular, Vue or NodeJS
  • you are well experienced with databases, clean code, git
  • it’s nice if you have some experience with Flutter
  • it’s nice if your have some experience with Data Science

Start Date


how much?

35 to 40 hours / week

What’s in for you?

  • friendship and funny atmosphere
  • a highly motivated team
  • a computer science apartment
  • Pair Programming
  • a lot of further education
  • home office and work time flexibility
  • exciting projects with innovative technologies
  • flat hierarchies
  • all other opportunities an international startup has (e.g. Bamberg beer tastings, work ́n ́surf, cool exchange; later: free drinks and a nice office, a macbook for private use)

Ok, sounds nice?

Great! Then show us why you are passionate about us and why you are perfect for us. Feel free to do it in your way. Please tell us also your wanted salary. We are looking forward to you and would be happy to welcome you on board of our space shuttle!

Send it to o​ffer@bytabo.de


your bytabo – digital crew